Words Of Gold

Words Of Gold

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Words Of Gold - Image Rosie Emerson

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Guitars: Geiger

Drums: Mark Law, recorded at Blue Bunker Studio by RiddleR and Jack Hobbs

Mastered by Lee Richardson 

Image by Rosie Emerson & Anneliese Shaw




I see the strangeness in your eyes,
It echoes, hits the wall,
Returning somewhere inside,
To touch the one that falls.
I cannot hide,
I turn to face the cold,
The twisted tongue you have tied,
Would whisper words of gold.

Gold gold gold,
You’re shaking up my
Soul soul soul,
You bring the rhythm into my world,
I hear you whisper words of gold.

You see I never fall easy,
With the sticks and stones.
Come back to me honey,
You bring the rhythm to my bones.

Here comes the night time,
The moon spins around and around,
Keeps on spinning around until they drown.

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