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Towers - Image Debbie AttwellWritten, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Guitars & Glockspiel: Benny Brown

Mastered by Lee Richardson

Image by Debbie Attwell






You walk out the room,
I try to fill the gloom,
But nothing fits the space.
Only these walls can see my face.

I’m so misplaced inside myself
And it’s there to stay,
Waiting to leave,
Will you,
Be back some day.

I’m so tired…what have we done?
Time turns through the guts of a gun.

Aggressive sympathies,
Build towers for you and me,
At the edge of insanity,
Where all things of meaning are said and done.

Hide your hands,
With them you see.
Your veins pump the fuel for the fury
Between You and me,

You’re so misplaced inside yourself,
And it’s there to stay.

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