The Night

The Night

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The Night - Image Debbie Attwell

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Mastered by Lee Richardson


Strings: Pippa Evans

Guitars: Jack Hobbs recorded @ Blue Bunker Studio

Image by Debbie Attwell



Feeling so much I can’t speak,
Take my words and fall
Beneath the sinking sun.
If we choose to fight and never sleep
Silence covers ground beneath the sinking sun.

Watch the sun go down.
Beneath the sound of the ground.
Let’s sleep tonight and not fight
And we just might
Make it through the night

I turn to falling sand
Escaping through the gaps
When you opened your hand
Let me sleep tonight and not fight,
We just might
Make it through the night.

Now I stand so still
But how you used to move me
Against all my will
With power like you fooled me.

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