My Only Window

My Only Window

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My Only Window - Image Pippa Evans 2011

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Mastered by Lee Richardson

Image by Villains On Film 



I give my hands, arms,
Beating motion of my own,
You take them all, everything,
Till I twist like breaking bone,
Tell me the truth till I die,
Including every reason why,
You let go without a care,
And let importance pass you by.

And it’s a shame,
You were my only window,
But from outside,
You’re just an empty frame.

You pocket smiles from a crowd,
Till they realise and learn,
You’d take a young girl back,
When there’s no room in bed at home,
Do anything to fake the taste of success,
You’d give the soles of your shoes,
Just as long as there’s tequila left.

When the cold light of day,
Rests its light where you wake,
Just remember you lie in the bed,
You’ve been too busy to make,
And the strings of your pieces,
Are tied tight around your neck,
Your hands and your feet bound,
With sorrows and regrets.


This track contains a sample from Freesound: Vinyl_Record_Needle_Lift_01 by joedeshon (

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