Man Next Door

Man Next Door

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Man Next Door - Image Villains On Film 2012

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Guitars: Stuart Dixon, recorded at Jubilee Studios

Mastered by Lee Richardson




In this time of change,
Human nature turns into something so strange.
He sells his soul so they can shoot at night.
The man next door sells guns for money,
But then he’s not that bright.

There’s a man selling guns next door
He sells them to the rich,
And he sells them to the poor,
I dunno what the hell they use them for,
There’s a man selling guns next door.

If we re-arrange the symmetry of things
So we all look the same,
Will they come after us when we are sleepin tight
Should we keep secret things we’ve seen,
Across the street at night.


This track contains samples from FreeSound:

Crowd Noise In A Small Venue 001 by sandyrb (

RemingtonGunshot by faston (






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