Keep Running

Keep Running

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KeepRunning - Image Ben Yates

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Guitars: Stuart Dixon

Mastered by Lee Richardson

Image by Ben Yates






As people talk,
And twist their tails,
We bite and scratch,
And tear our nails.
The daily grind,
Of teeth waiting,
To open up,
Swallow us in.

Keep running,
Keep moving on,
Keep running,
On and on.
(It’s on my mind, mind, mind,
All the time, time, time.)

The sound of rain,
Will never stop,
The echoing,
Of every drop.
So do you feel,
How I feel in the rain,
As it pounds the ground,
Again and again.

So many ways,
Nobody knows,
These are the days,
Of fists and blows.
So turn your blues to black
And your back on the blues
And now let’s see,
Some things look too easy,
If you don’t let them in to your reality.

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