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Insomnia - Image Pippa EvansWritten, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Guitars: Benny Brown

Mastered by Lee Richardson

Image by Pippa Evans



You set aside the time,
I realise you needed nothing back,
Melody maker man,
Help me understand,
Need the feeling back,

You see I’m not the kind,
To mastermind,
The sense that I lack,
So put the past aside.
Difficult to sometimes,

Do we try before we keep and how long is forever
Always or never
Find it hard to sleep sometimes, alone and not together
Always or never
Give to me your beating heart
Wrap it round my every part
In the cold I need a friend
Hold me till we meet our end.

Help me find a piece of mind
Of a different kind,
For reasons I’m not sure,
I need a second sight,
In the creepin night,
The shadows slide the floor.

Now we move closer still,
We can full fill,
Our sense that we need more,
Of what we’ve not enough,
The day creeps above,
Show us what our time is for.

Not quite what I had in mind,
This taking kind,
Give the feeling back.
Melody maker man,
Help me understand,
Let me get the feeling back.

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