I Am The Machine

I Am The Machine

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I Am The Machine - Image Emilie Bailey

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by RiddleR

Guitars: Geiger

Drums: Mark Law, recorded at Blue Bunker Studio by Jack Hobbs & RiddleR

Mastered by Lee Richardson

Image by Emilie Bailey

Extra thanks to Steve Lyon for production advice.





It’s ok, take your time,
Give yourself some space to breathe,
Too many people are talking,
There words keep on falling,
Like autumn leaves.
Though my mind keeps wondering,
My thoughts keep me strong,
Keep washing the time from your hands,
And just keep moving on.

I’ve been searching,
I’ve been wondering,
Why don’t you, Why don’t you,
I’ve been searching,
I’ve been wondering,
Why won’t you,
Why won’t you,
Let me see what I see,
Let me take what I need…
I am the machine.

I’ve been taking my time,
I will not give it back,
And though my memory comes and goes,
I’ll just keep on running,
And just keep on using what I’m made of.
Take more time,
Have it all,
These days will move on past,
The autumn leaves, they’ll break your fall,
And where they’ve gone,
Some things will always last.

Let me ease your fall,
This is what I’m made for,
I am the machine.

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