Believe The Machine

Believe The Machine - Front Cover

You can listen to our new album, Believe The Machine, right here on our website. Use the player below, or click through to each individual track via their artwork for full colour version and lyrics. We hope you love it.

To buy the album, click ‘Buy‘ at the bottom of the Music widget-thing below! If you like it, share this album and its tracks round the web by clicking the ‘Share‘ button next to it!

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You can purchase a digital edition, and also pre-order a very limited edition CD of the album from our Bandcamp Page, from £7. Art for the physical edition is by Rosie Emerson. If you buy the CD, you also get the digital edition for free, immediately. The album will also be available shortly on iTunes.

Dust to Dust - Image by Ben Yates I Am The Machine - Image by Emilie Bailey Keep Running - Image by Ben Yates Dream Is Over - Image by Emilie Bailey Tower - Image by Debbie Attwell The Night - Image by Debbie Attwell Sunshine - Image by Ben Yates I Send You All My Love - Image by Villains on Film Man Next Door - Image by Villains On Film Words Of Gold - Image by Rosie Emerson & Anneliese Shaw Insomnia - Image by Pippa Evans Botch Of A Glitch - Image by Villains On Film We Are The Worriers - Image by Anneliese Shaw My Only Window - Image by Pippa Evans

RiddleR are Anneliese Shaw and Michael Pearce. All music Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by RiddleR, with additional performances from the musicians below. Mastered by Lee Richardson.

A thousand thanks to all the people who’ve helped us with this album. At various points through the album, you will hear:
Stuart Dixon (Tracks 1, 3, 9), The Mighty Geiger (2, 7, 10), Jack Hobbs (6, 8, 13) Benny Brown (5, 11) (Guitars), Mark Law (Drums), Pippa Evans (Violins, Oboe, Cor Anglais) and again, Benny “Jesús” Brown (Glockenspiel). The pictures you see on the track pages are the work of Debbie Attwell, Emilie Bailey, Rosie Emerson, Pippa Evans, Anneliese Shaw and Ben Yates (who also provided the website’s background, ”Electri-City #11). You are all amazing! Extra thanks to: Lee Richardson, Bruce Aisher, Daniel Halford, John Brough and Christiane Kubrick for their time, help and utterly wonderful, invaluable advice. Finally, thanks to Alex Hobbs, Jamie Gaviria-Ochoa, Pippa Evans, Sarah Osbourn, and James Firth – impossible without you, far funnier with.


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