Bitch of a Glitch is out there!

Hello all!

The video for ‘Bitch of a Glitch‘ is finally out there on the interwebs. Thanks to Villains on Film and the whole team who worked with us on it. You guys are mighty, mighty special.

Work continues on the new album, and perhaps a couple of other sneak releases on the side, so we’re keeping busy. Feel free to drop us a comment either here or over on Facebook if you’d like to, and if you like the video, we’d be honoured if you’d share it around :) . You can do that directly from the YouTube page, or on Facebook.

We’re really proud of this one, but you just wait, there’s more in the pipeline! We hope to get some new music up on this page in the next couple of weeks, but we’re sure you’ll understand that that’s still all work in progress.  Here we go!

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